Optimāla ūdens stāvokļa panākšanai un uzturēšanai jūras akvārijos.
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Creating and maintaining optimum water condition in marine aquariums.

Tropic Marin PRO-TECT improves water quality in marine aquariums by including a combination of highly effective active compounds. PRO-TECT also replenishes many trace elements depleted by precipitation, protein skimming and the daily metabolic activity of the tank inhabitants.

Tropic MarinPRO-TECT contains protective colloids that safeguard the sensitive mucous membranes of the fish from germs and promote the regeneration of its protective coating. Additionally, PRO-TECT aids in the stabilization of the water’s pH contributing to a healthier environment for the aquarium’s animals.

By greatly increasing the efficiency of the protein skimmer, PRO-TECT facilitates the removal of organic pollutants and helps maintain a clear, clean aquatic environment.


Application and dosage (for the 1000 ml bottle):
By gently squeezing the bottle, the desired amount of PRO-TECT can be released into the dosing chamber.

Dosage: 10 ml of PRO-TECT will effectively treat 110 litres / 30 gallons of aquarium system water. The amount of PRO-TECT needed will vary with tank population, water condition and frequency of water changes. Dosage may be increased to 20 ml per 30 gallons without any harmful effects. Tropic Marin® recommends a minimum of 10% water change every two weeks.

Store out of reach of children!

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