BIO-CALCIUM 500g + Calcium Test

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Biologically ideal calcium supplement for reef aquariums

  • Contains calcium for corals and carbon dioxide for zooxanthellae.
  • Measured amount of calcium in a truly ionically balanced formula.
  • Contains all 70 trace elements found in natural sea water, including: strontium and iodine.
  • Only natural substances are formed when dissolved.
  • No need to pre-mix or drip feed.
  • Will not alter pH of aquarium water when used as directed.

How to Use BIO-CALCIUM: Calculate the total system water volume, being sure to take into account volume of live rock, external filters and sumps. Each level measuring spoonful (5 ml) raises the calcium level of 100l of system water by 5 ppm.

Maximum recommended dose is one level scoop for each 20l of tank water per day.

Tropic Marin Calcium-Test

For the determination of the calcium concentration in saltwater.

Calcium is one of the most important components of saltwater and largely determines the growth rate of organisms, which form calcareous skeletons like, for example stony corals and calcareous algae. In the saltwater aquarium, a regular addition of calcium ions is necessary because of the constant decrease of the calcium concentration caused by the metabolism of the organisms and by precipitation. Careful supervision of the calcium content in the saltwater aquarium ensures optimal and lifelike living conditions for all calcareous organisms.

With a sensitivity of 4 mg/l, the Calcium-Test by Tropic Marin is the most accurate calcium test available. Special reagents intentionally make use of the high magnesium concentration of the saltwater, which usually interferes with aquarium calcium tests, and thus guarantee the outstanding dependability of the results.
For approx. 40 tests.

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